Creating a Vintage-Styled Coffee Bar


Creating a coffee station in your home is a great way to incorporate antique pieces in a functional way. There’s just something about vintage storage finds lined up on a coffee bar that makes my heart go pitter patter! Read on to check out the essentials for creating a gorgeous station for your morning cup of java in your own home.

 Savvy City Farmer's coffee station

Photo: @savvycityfarmer

First things first, you’re going to need a beautiful piece to style your coffee bar. This is the opportunity to really have fun and get creative! I love the idea of re-purposing an antique mercantile table as a coffee station. It’s perfect for assembling your mugs, containers, silverware, and coffee brewer on a beautiful worn patina surface. If you are lucky enough to find a table with a lower shelf this can provide additional storage and design opportunities to create a great looking station. You could also use a large hutch, a cute cart or an antique desk as the furniture piece for your coffee station.

Incorporating a vintage piece into a more modern designed home can be tricky. If you don't feel confident to create the space on your own there are some amazing online design services such as Havenly that offer expert advice for a very affordable design fee. Here you can partner with certified designers who can suggest recommendations on making the station feel cohesive with the rest of your room. This project is the perfect way to introduce a special vintage or antique piece in a functional way. Be sure to check out our City Farmhouse store for the perfect vintage piece that’s just waiting to become your new coffee station.

 Down Shilo Road Coffee Station

Photo: @downshiloroad

Next, you need to stock your station with everything needed for the perfect cup of joe (or tea). Whether you choose a cool retro coffee maker, a Keurig, or your old school Mr. Coffee, there’s no need to get stuck with a boring coffee station. Most coffee makers now come in a variety of fun colors so pick one that coordinates with the rest of your station. If you’re more of a tea drinker, a cute electric kettle will fit in perfectly atop your vintage station.

 Maison de Mings cake stands

Photo: @maisondemings

Finally, it’s time to accessorize your home coffee bar! Old canisters or jars, like the ones used on @savvycityfarmer's station, are perfect for storing ground coffee, sugar and hot cocoa mix and make a cool yet functional addition. Even if you don’t have a complete set, the mix matched look works great with vintage decor. This is also a great place to put some of those gorgeous cake stands to work. A cake stand is perfect for adding height to your display as well as holding odds and ends like stirring sticks or specialty syrups.

Finish off your station with a great rustic coffee, or java appropriate sign, (like @savvycityfarmer and @downshilohroad) that will let everyone who enters your home know exactly where they can get their caffeine fix. And, for a “homey” vibe include a lamp that will soften all the hard surfaces.

Not only will creating a coffee station be a fun way to display your vintage finds, it can also become a significant area of your home that brings you joy on a daily basis. We always have vintage farmhouse furnishings coming into our flagship City Farmhouse store that are just waiting to be re-imagined into a coffee station, so don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on our new arrivals!

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BTW: Come in this weekend! We're unloading all our fabulous picks from our recent Round Top, Texas trip!! You just may find that perfect piece for your coffee station! 

 xoxo Kim