We're teaming up (once again!) with our good friend + music legend Sheryl Crow for a City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair exclusive. 

Sheryl has donated three antique cutter quilts for the June 2016 event, and she wants three of YOU to repurpose each of them into an exciting piece of art. The work will be auctioned at the Fair, and all proceeds will go to Sheryl's charity of choice.

THE 411

  • We're looking for (3) individuals to repurpose (3) vintage quilts.
  • We'll pay to ship the quilts and for the return postage of the creation, but the creative must donate their time and any additional materials that they use in the repurposing.
  • The creative that we select will get free passes to the Pop-up Fair preview party.
  • If the creator would like to attend, we would LOVE to set up an event for the artist to talk about the creation. 
  • The artist will be acknowledged in PR efforts, on our website, on CFH social media accounts, and at the City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair.


  • Multi-media artwork 
  • Upholstered furniture piece
  • Unique pillows
  • Reconstructed quilt or throw
  • Whatever brilliant idea YOU have!



Do you think you have what it takes to turn Sheryl's old quilts into a masterpiece? SUBMIT YOUR IDEA HERE

Name *
It can be an over-arching vision. You do not have to get into specifics.
I understand that I must donate my time & additional materials used in this project.
I understand that the deadline to submit my idea is April 18, 2016 *