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Amanda Lairsey | Speaker at the City Farmhouse Workshop

Founder of the Society of Women Business Owners (SOWBO)

The Society of Women Business Owners is an exclusive membership group recognized for connecting, exciting, investing, and challenging female entrepreneurs. Through her one-to-one business coaching sessions, classroom style training, and live stream events, Amanda helps her clients achieve measurable results while not losing sight of their unique influence and greater purpose.

Kim Leggett | Speaker at City Farmhouse Business Learn and Grow Workshop

Owner of the lifestyle brand, City Farmhouse

City Farmhouse has had success because of the sense of personal connection and authenticity that is associated with every decision we make. And, though City Farmhouse is a nationally recognized lifestyle brand ... Kim is the face of it - it seems as if the 200,000 social media followers anticipate her daily posts which she provides in a stream peppered with personal stories, and authentic behind the scenes observations. That seems to be the secret to the success ... design aspirations juxtaposed with the very "real" personality that is Kim Leggett.

Kim has personally appeared as a speaker and presenter at the Country Living Fair, The Nashville Shows, NY NOW, Facebook Business, Society of Women Business Owners, City Farmhouse Business Workshops, and more.

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Melonie and Kelly Langan | Speakers at City Farmhouse Business Workshops

Owners of Kel and Mel

Kelly and Melonie are a husband and wife photography team based in Middle Tennessee. Inspired by intentional living and the genuine beauty found amidst the ordinary, they have a refined approach to creating meaningful imagery, both as professionals and in their every day lives. 

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