Creating a Living Easter Basket with Esli Pelly
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Creating a Living Easter Basket with Esli Pelly


Esli Pelly, owner of the Garden Patch in historic Smith's Grove, Kentucky has been lovingly growing blooms for more 35 years on her 3rd generation farm. What is her secret that compels so many to fall in love with her? Are they drawn to her stunning radiant blossoms, her abundant knowledge of horticulture (she has a degree from Western Kentucky University), or her charming smile and bubbly personality? Perhaps it's all four. She's a regular at both the City Farmhouse and Country Living Fairs and many other barn sales in between. 

Sure to be loads of fun and laughter as you create your very own Living Easter Basket under the guidance of this experienced floral designer .... yes, she does that too .... for 17 years now! Bring a container of your choice, and Esli will provide all the rest .... lettuces, pansies (larger plants available for purchase), moss, eggs, ribbon, vine, and more. You'll assemble it all together as a group while you sip wine in an evening of fun and fellowship. Then, take home a personal Living Easter Basket for your Easter dinner table centerpiece. Your family and holiday guests will be so impressed!