Famed Blogger Liz Marie Galvin Mentions City Farmhouse Style!


Oh, this weekend. It was a weird one. You see we are gearing up for The Found Cottage Mercantile Market this coming Friday & Saturday so I knew this coming week was going to be insane to say the least. So, I made an effort to slow down & gather myself. I’m usually one to be going 100 mph on a project, the store, or life 24/7 & I’ve burnt myself out many times before so I’m trying to be more wise about things like that now. That being said… we did work on a few things this weekend, but not at our usual pace. We napped, we sat & read books, we spent time with our Grace, & the best part was I feel rested & re-charged to start this crazy week that I have so much anxiety about. In all of that we did manage to accomplish a few things in our fixer upper this weekend…

White subway tiles run the length of the farmhouse style bathroom on the Liz Marie Blog

First of all I’m finally finishing up our back entryway floors this weekend. It’s been a long process & painting brick is not for the weak hearted. We used Behr porch paint & have really loved it, but now we are on to sealing the floors & I’m praying it works well & is the finish that we want. I’ll do a full post on it later, but we also did more work in the entryway bathroom this weekend as well…

Farmhouse Style bathroom filled with antiques on the Liz Marie Blog

We tried painting the door black & I think I love it, but I’m not a fan of the shine on the door so I want to do something about that. We also have to paint the hardware and the wood behind it to complete the door, but atleast we had a door up! We finished painting the walls & we even hung our new bathroom light fixture from schoolhouse electric. We have to move the mirror down a smidge now, but I’m obsessed with the new light! A gallery wall, rug, storage, & some new accessories is all this bathroom needs to be done! It’s a little space but it really has taken us a long time to get this bathroom complete.

Beautiful chandeliers on the Liz Marie Blog
Vintage Plates and white pumpkins on the Liz Marie Blog

I spent time decorating for fall around our house some more & I can’t wait to share more on the blog later this week, but I’ve been sharing constant sneak peeks on Instagram & Facebook. I hope you guys are loving my early jump start on the fall decor this year because it’s sure been therapeutic for me to do it!

Vintage clock on the Liz Marie Blog

We hung some curtains in the office! I’m not sure they are “the curtains” for the space, but I had this fabric lying around and so I worked with what I had. We hung an architectural piece above the window & hung the curtain rod directly onto the architectural piece. I clipped the fabric up onto the rod. My question is should I get something with more pattern, color, or white? Let me know what you think!

City Farmhouse Style on the Liz Marie Blog
A glimpse of City Farmhouse Style on the Liz Marie Blog

I also took some time to read this weekend which was pure magic. I haven’t taken time to just sit in so long. I’m always thinking, working, or stressing about something. I started reading City Farmhouse Style by the lovely Kim Leggett. Oh wow.. to say this book is inspiring is an understatement. The only problem with the book? It made me want to get up from my peaceful sofa & decorate our home some more. I am so thankful that I found Kim & her amazing work & I’m now thankful I have her book right on my coffee table to pick up when I need an inspiring read. You can order the book [HERE]if you want to check it out for yourself. Promise you won’t be disappointed!

Farmhouse whites fill this living space on the Liz Marie Blog

Thank you guys so much for stopping by the blog daily to see what we are up to & thank you for always cheering us on through this fixer upper journey we are on. Seriously you all make me the happiest girl in the world & every nice thing you say and do for us inspires me to keep sharing more & more. THANK YOU!! Be sure to follow me on Facebook & Instagram for more behind the scenes daily. xx