Open Call For Makers & Craftsmen

Open Call For Makers & Craftsmen
Most of you know how much we love dreaming up new adventures! After all that's what makes life fun right?

City Farmhouse is excited to announce a unique opportunity for Makers & Craftsmen to collaborate with us in our Vintage & Antique Showroom in Franklin, TN!

In the spirit of the Craftsmen and Makers who came before us ... whose work is now admired as Vintage & Antique ... City Farmhouse is seeking Modern Day Makers/Craftsmen whose excellence in design and quality of craftsmanship is superb and worthy of future heirloom collections.

He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist. - Francis of Assisi

Everyone loves the character of something beautifully made by hand, whether it be crafted 100 + years ago or in the modern day. We thought it would be fun to collaborate with professional Craftsmen and Makers whose wares are a work of art destined to become a cherished Vintage piece in the years to come.

How it works:

Each month for a 30 day period City Farmhouse will feature 1 or 2 different Makers/Craftsmen in our Vintage & Antique showroom in Franklin, TN.

  • The Makers/Craftsmen’s goods will be displayed in an area of the store that best showcases the wares and will be beautifully showcased amongst the antiques & vintage that City Farmhouse offers in the store.
  • The Makers/Craftsmen will be promoted on the City Farmhouse website, IG & FB page, blog, and newsletter.
  • City Farmhouse will kickoff each Makers/Craftsmen showcase with a “Meet the Maker/Craftsman” opening.
  • There is small fee which covers cost & a small percentage of sales.

This is an amazing opportunity for a Maker/Craftsman who is serious about gaining exposure & showcasing their wares by a nationally recognized brand (City Farmhouse) in a high traffic showroom in beautiful historic Franklin, Tennessee.

Makers & Craftsmen from across the U.S. are invited to apply

Please share this post with a Maker/Craftsman who you believe would benefit from this exciting opportunity.

Email: with details of your wares + photos - or website, and/or IG page.

(Wares must be entirely handmade or handcrafted with the exception of upholstered pieces. Those pieces must contain a vintage or antique frame.)

xoxo, Kim and David