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Sure, shiplap may be trending, but there’s nothing fleeting about an aesthetic that’s rooted in simplicity, practicality, and durability. In her new book, City Farmhouse Style, designer Kim Leggett celebrates the ageless appeal of farmhouse staples - and explains why the look isn’t going anywhere. (You can bet the farm on it). (Country Living)

So, what happens when homeowners throw out the design rule book? Genius decorating ideas pop up everywhere. A flip through Leggett's book reveals dozens.  (Lindsey Mather, Architectural Digest)

Top antiques dealer and designer Kim Leggett leads a tour of chic country digs she discovers in cities, on rural routes, and in suburbs across the country. Along the way she shares tips for collecting, displaying, and enjoying the current farmhouse look. Named “Our Style Maker” (Country Home)

Step inside the home of Little Big Town’s Phillip Sweet and wife, Rebecca, Design Network’s Theodore Leaf; Sheryl Crow’s cozy little writer’s loft; and more! Each home is as unique and individual as the personalities of the homeowners, and you’ll be thrilled to know that each have their own personal eye for decorating with the popular farmhouse style.
(Where Women Create)

Fans of Kim Leggett’s pop-up fairs and unloading sales in Tennessee invariably have one question: What’s the secret to her unique look? Kim reveals all in her new book, City Farmhouse Style. (Flea Market Style)

Kim Leggett, the genius behind the City Farmhouse look, took the familiar  “make-do” decor she grew up with and reinterpreted it for her design clients. In her brand new book, City Farmhouse Style, Kim showcases the style’s essential elements - country antiques, architectural salvage and industrial pieces -  and demonstrates a way to put them together. It’s an inspiring mix, no matter where you call home. (Prairie Style)

Forget your old definition of farmhouse style and learn about the diversity of the look.
(Max Troja, American Farmhouse Style)

Living in the country can be a rustic way of life. However, that’s not to say that cottage country style can’t be warm, inviting and comfortable. In her new book City Farmhouse Style: Designs for a Modern Country Life, author Kim Leggett explores just how soft the country look can be. As she describes it, this is a style “born out of our love for the past and a desire to live a comfortable, more laid-back lifestyle. (Max Troja, Cottage Country)

[City Farmhouse Style] some seriously gorgeous stuff! (Lex Leblanc, HGTV Listed Sisters , @thelexleblanc)

Pioneer, stylist, tastemaker, picker and visonary. Before there was HGTV, Chip and Joanna and vintage markets across the US, Kim Leggett was on the scene and blazing a trail with her perfectly curated style! Her new book captures the timeless farmhouse aesthetic that transcends time and trends. From stunning pics to styling tips, each of the 224 pages are book worthy! Thank you Kim, for inviting us into your beautiful world.  (Steve Rogers, @prizekc)

City Farmhouse Style is hands down my new favorite resource for all things farmhouse style, and the newest fixture on my coffee table. A beautifully written guide featuring stunning interiors and 200 + pages of expert tips to bring a relaxed country style into your own space. Kim captures the true essence of a style that is essentially timeless. Fall in love with City Farmhouse Style and curate a love affair with your home that never really ends.  (Trace, Barnett, @thebittersocialite)

I cannot stress enough how amazing this book is! The photos are jaw dropping. The background story of Kim's life and how it shaped her vision of farmhouse style is beautiful. Thank you for bringing us this amazing glimpse into how Farmhouse style changed your life and how you have touched so many more.  (Jennifer Choate @downshilohroad)

With Kim as our tour guide and our personal designer-in-residence (residence=open road), she puts us in the shotgun seat for the ride of our lives on an incredible cornucopia of inspiration. Page after breathtaking page, Kim skillfully shows that farmhouse style is not relegated to a rural route address, but is just as welcoming in a big city loft or a small tucked away space. Let's be honest y'all. Raise your hand if you've ever dreamed of getting a peek at where Sheryl Crow pens her amazing songs? I know I sure have!  (Debbie York @york.deb)

Page after page of curated loveliness, City Farmhouse Style draws you in and transports you to the very homes and families featured. She is a design risk taker and it works every time. The interior design projects emit soul! From contemporary urban to pure primitive farmhouse ... from shiplap to vintage wallpaper ...from plank floors to poured concrete ... from hanging gas lanterns to track lighting, this book most certainly will inspire, delight and surprise! (Joy Waltmire @savvycityfarmer)

At a time when magazines seem to be getting thinner and thinner, with less decorating per issue, it was a breath of fresh air to receive this book! This decorating book did not disappoint and I highly recommend it!   (Tracey Leber, @frenchlarkspur)

Take me back to yesterday afternoon where I sat on the sofa, listening to the rain, candles lit, & I took in all of the beauty of this book. You guys, if you like inspiring farmhouse style books you need to pick this baby up... you will not be disappointed! This book will be a permanent fixture on our coffee table from now on.   (Liz Marie Galvin, @lizmariegalvan)

Cover to cover, this book is full of beautiful and inspiring photographs and great style advice. Much more than a coffee table book, this one you'll ohhh and ahhh about and pick up over and over for ideas and inspiration.  
(Sarah McConnell, @houseandsanctuary)

Kim shows you that no matter what type of home you have you can make it "Farmhouse style". Chock full of great tips and information this hardcover book is over 200 pages. There are few books that I own that will stay with me for the long haul.  (Lori Guyer, @whiteflowerfarmhouse)

It is akin to the best farmhouse magazine you've ever read, just twenty times as long. SO MUCH INSPIRATION! Although fair warning, you are going to want to TEAR YOUR ENTIRE HOUSE DOWN AND START ALL OVER. Or at least dream about it.  (Allison Aars, @thefestivefarmhouse)

[City Farmhouse Style] is chock full of inspiration (and tips)! I honestly can't say enough good things about it! Kim has scoured the farmhouse community and brought us some serious eye candy! This book is thick! (Over 200 pages!) Page after page of amazing farmhouse decor. Whichever farmhouse style you gravitate toward...from simple to French, modern to collected.... you name it, there is inspiration for you in this book.  (Linette Palmer, @athomeonsweetcreek)

This book is  a breath of fresh air and has me dreaming of ways I can create a modern country feeling in my home! The pages are filled with stunning images, and include a well-rounded representation of modern farmhouse style homes. City Farmhouse Style is filled with beautiful photos, helpful tips, and tells the stories of inspiring homes and their owners. I'm drawn in with each turn of the page.  (Cynthia Gahman, @harperandarrowmarketplace)

City Farmhouse Style is my dream book! Each and every photo is dessert!!! This eye candy is "Scrumpdillyicious”!  
(Wendy Durnwald, @lifeontheshadygrove)

The relaxed living lifestyle is one we all love and Kim shows us how to achieve it. It's such a pleasure reading this book with so many pages to drool at and to aspire to.  (Kate Abt, @kateabtdesign)

Kim truly understands the essence of why this style makes us all swoon, and has captured and presented it in a way so relevant for today in 200+ brilliant pages. Each page just draws me into a space that’s uncluttered, simple and fresh…inviting me to stay awhile and linger…then beckons me onto the next one once I’ve been fully inspired by both its gorgeous photos and resonating words! Thank you, Kim, for celebrating so much of what I love and hold so dear, and for compiling it into a delightful and tangible resource that we can all be inspired by again and again! (Jen Hamilton, @wheresistersgather)

I don't need to tell you how well curated this book is because if you know the amazingly talented Kim Leggett's work then you know how beautifully done this book is. What you may not know is how it will leave you feeling...you know that excited, heart racing, wheels turning feeling you get when you look at design that speaks to you?  (Megan Brokman, @farmhouse5540)

WOW! Kim's new book, City Farmhouse Style, is loaded with beautiful homes and styling ideas. I've dog-eared so many pages!!! AND picking resources too!   (Sue LaLumia, @vintage_rescue_squad)

The most beautiful and inspirational book for Farmhouse style design. It is a comprehensive resource for Farmhouse paints, textiles and wallpapers. There is inspiration for the modern Farmhouse, country style, French Farmhouse and the suburban city farmhouse. Every image is more beautiful than the next!  (Lisa Bass, @farmhouseonboone)

Farmhouse style is not only a current design phenomenon, but truly a part of our American history! Kim Leggett has not only captured the beauty and authentic style of “farmhouse”, but to the larger point she conveys that passion in our history of what farmhouse style is. Beginning with her own personal history in the quaint farmhouse of her grandmother, I found myself connecting with this book not only visually, but on a higher emotional level! Remarkable! (Gale Brisa, @vignette.it)

City Farmhouse Style is full of inspiration for homes from the city to the country & everywhere in between - with ideas for paint, decor, antiques & more, just like her well-loved vintage fairs!  (Lindsea Dragomir, @houseofharvest)

City Farmhouse Style has truly renewed my vision for our home. Page after page Kim captivated me with such inspiring farmhouse styles that I was clearing spaces to put new ideas into action. (Kate Keesee, salvagedior)

[City Farmhouse Style] is packed full of useful information on how to add farmhouse style to your home no matter where live …. in the city, a suburban neighborhood or an actual farm. You’ll love it!  (Joy Jenkins, @upcountryliving)

[City Farmhouse Style] is so inspiring! It has beautiful homes and tips on how to perfect your farmhouse style! I'm so honored to be a part of it and amongst the other amazing homeowners! (Lucy Farmer, @lucysinspired)

A refreshing look at the modern farmhouse style. City Farmhouse Style offers inspiration on every page!  
(Beth Lewis, @oldetymemarketplace)

City Farmhouse Style is my go to source for all things farmhouse style! Literally, this book offers tons of ideas for decorating any space in your home - from how to style furniture and accessories, to the color of paint, and wallpaper too! A must for both professional and novice designers. (Ruth Barnes, @southernjunkers)

Where are my farmhouse-loving friends? It's your lucky day because my friend, Kim Leggett from City Farmhouse wrote a gorgeous book, City Farmhouse Style! Her work is art, her heart is gold and you basically need a dozen copies to give out. Keep creating and inspiring us with your City Farmhouse Style magic! (Bekah Pogue, Author of Choosing Real, @bekahjanepogue)

From cover to cover farmhouse inspiration spills from the pages.The bindings of this book cannot hold all the love and soul Kim has poured into it. Packed with stunning pictures of the most gorgeous homes, decorating advice, how-toos, paint suggestions & more ... it's truly the perfect recipe for living a modern country life. (Kayla Miller, @plumprettydecoranddesign)

After knowing Kim for so many years, and understanding the breadth of her talents, I am always anticipating her next creative endeavor. I know that every time she calls me to get involved with, or to volunteer for, one of her fabulous events, it will definitely be a great adventure. After immersing myself in her new book, “City Farmhouse Style,” I, as a designer, see this style as new, exciting and completely updated. It is a look that transforms style in a futuristic way. It sees the old as art and the typical as atypical. This look is not just farm tables and ironstone pitchers, for sure; it’s so much more. And it’s making me want a farmhouse in the city and some city in the country! (Jason Counce, @dirthomeandgarden)

“Farmhouse style is born out of our love for the past and a desire to live a comfortable, more laid-back lifestyle", (Kim Leggett, from the book City Farmhouse Style). I've always said that I have a love for history and bringing pieces of it back to life in my home. My dear friend, Kim is a true example of the farmhouse lifestyle and I'm proud to say she has written her first book, where inspiration is literally at your fingertips. I'm honored to be a friend of Kim's and so grateful to be able to soak up these gorgeous pages. (Ashlee Gorbey, @thesassybarn)

Well it's finally here! My friend Kim's book is finally being released to the masses! This beautiful book is chocked full of genius decor ideas and more imagination candy than you can handle in a sitting. I received my copy a few weeks ago and have found myself returning to it many a night, always finding something new. At 224 pages it's sizable, and a perfect addition to my coffee table stack. If you are going to buy one decor book this year this is definitely it. (Krista Berthold, @mountainhomesteader)

The new book [City Farmhouse Style] is full of ideas and inspiration for your home. Please do yourself a favor and check it out!!! (Anita Joyce, @cedarhillfarmhouse)

If you love the look of an inherently inviting modern farmhouse, then this gorgeous book is for you! It's cover to cover country deliciousness...and a shop that I love ... @whiteflowerfarmhouse is featured as a resource for helping you to create the natural farmhouse style- full of ironstone, cupboards, tables and more! (Ann, @customonlineinteriordesign)

As a stylist and decorator I'm always searching for inspiration. I'm so happy to share Kim Leggett’s beautiful new book, City Farmhouse Style. Kim and I share the belief that you need to feel an emotional attachment to your house. The people in it are what matters most. The decorating choices we make then support our life styles and reflect who we are in our homes. This book has definitely moved to the top of the stack!  (Becki Griffin, @curiousdetails)

So excited I actually need to calm down so I can savor every word on every page of the new book [City Farmhouse Style]. Can't wait till I can relax and enjoy this (Joan Swanson, @j.cusumanohomesltd)

You guys?!! If you don't have this book - Ya gotta get it!! I am obsessed with it! Need inspiration? This.Will.Do.It! I currently have it sitting on my coffee table tray. Not only is it an inspirational and creative book, it's beautifully designed on the outside, so you can leave it laying out all the time. (Melissa, @my_blissful_haven)

With a cup of tea, I'm savoring each warm, beautiful & inspiring page of the just released book, City Farmhouse Style by Kim Leggett ... it is wonderful!! (Gwendolyn Babbitt, @gwendolynbabbitt)

Wow! I can't seem to put this book down. Very inspirational! As the Author, Kim Leggett writes, "Farmhouse style is born out of our love for the past and a desire to live a comfortable, more laid-back lifestyle." I couldn't agree more. This book is beautifully written and it warms my heart.  (Jessica Meleski, @blue.hydrangea.home)

As we contemplate our own #kitchenmakeover this will be a valuable resource. If you love #decorating with all things #timeworn this book is for you. (Linda, @maggiebelles60)

A wonderful job writing the book … great photography and the walk down memory lane brings certain smells back to mind and sights long forgotten. I wasn’t expecting it … so thank you! (Kelly Costanza, @renegade_mom_original)

"The book was a gift to myself … what a treasure. The introduction … BEAUTIFULLY written … it recreated so many sweet memories of my grandmother in her tiny home, simply decorated with salvages materials … creating my love for the same relaxing style. To try to describe how the book captures and delights is impossible. I can only share a copy with my friends and watch their eyes light up and see their smile. Thank you for sharing your amazing talents." (Jackie, @farmhouse_in_the_city_1890)

I finally got my book today. With much anticipation I've waited patiently for the release of City Farmhouse Style by Kim Leggett. As I walked into Barnes And Noble I walked straight up to the home decor books and there it was. I was like a kid in a candy store as I grabbed it off the shelf and clutched it tight. Making sure not to look through it at all. Only because I wanted to be able to come home this evening - bathe, pour me a glass of wine, wrap up in a linen blanket on a nice cozy chair and indulge in it from cover to cover. Here we go... I've waited all day. (Candace Jarreau, @thedistressednestinteriors)

I absolutely love this book! I have many decor books and rarely "read" them, finding most not very interesting (dry) or insightful, and usually just study the pictures for design ideas. But this one! This one I devoured in a day and read it front to back! It has no less than 50 post-it notes where I've tabbed not only pictures but Kim's helpful design information, along with her list of places to seek out your own treasures. Her writing is knowledgeable and fun, making this book the best I've read on farmhouse style as well as many other design books. The pictures are amazing though and absolute frosting on the cake, but again, it's Kim's friendly style that embraces you and makes you want to run out and get your first farm table if you don't already have one, and helps lead you in making your house a home you love to come home to. Not only a must read for anyone interested in this warm and relaxed style but for anyone interested in decor. (Marian L, Amazon)

This book is just amazing. The photography is beautiful, with each shot meticulously styled. I love, love, love [Kim’s] style!  But my favorite part is the text...this book is full of useful, interesting information presented in a witty, down-to-earth way. I have so enjoyed reading it! Congratulations on a truly excellent book!
(Holly Kuhn @oldgloryantiques)

Thrilled beyond measure to be soaking up the pages of my inspiring friend Kim Leggett's new book, “City Farmhouse Style.” Kim truly understands the essence of why this style makes us all swoon, and has captured and presented it in a way so relevant for today in 200+ brilliant pages. Each page just draws me in to a space that’s uncluttered, simple and fresh…inviting me to stay awhile and linger…then beckons me onto the next one once I’ve been fully inspired by both its gorgeous photos and resonating words!

I, for one, am so thankful to Kim for celebrating so much of what I love and hold so dear, and for compiling it into a delightful and tangible resource that we can all be inspired by again and again!

(Jen, @wheresistersgather)