Kim Leggett


Kim Leggett, owner of City Farmhouse 

Kim Leggett, owner of City Farmhouse 


You know the old saying "it's in my blood?" Well, that's what I say about "pickin," "junkin," "antiquing"  –  or whatever you want to call it, because it's had plenty of names over the years. It all started waaaayyyyy back when I was just five years old while tagging along with my grandmother and Aunt Sue to Friday night auctions at a dusty old barn called Peppermint Pond in the tiny town of Dyersburg, Tenn. While they were being charmed by Victorian sofas, sparking glass, and china place settings, I was peeking over into box lots of junk! That's where the real treasures were hiding - kissing celluloid dolls, old watch faces, broken shiny rhinestone bracelets, and discarded monopoly pieces - along with other interesting scraps of someone's life (like false eyelashes - they must have been very popular back in the day). Back then you could get a box lot for pennies, and not being one to pass up a deal, I ventured home with several to dig through - that was the fun part!

Five decades have passed and I've worn many hats since the Peppermint Pond  –  but I never outgrew my love for "pickin." Twenty-five years ago, David and I turned my passion into a business and it's been one of the most rewarding adventures of my life. I'm in love with the stories these old pieces tell, the feel of the time-worn surfaces, the painstaking workmanship and design. It is my mission that I will inspire you to fall in love with pieces of the past and continue the story in your own home.