Kim Leggett



You know the old saying "it's in my blood?" Well, that's what I say about "pickin," "junkin," "antiquing"  –  or whatever you want to call it, because it's had plenty of names over the years. It all started waaaayyyyy back when I was just five years old while tagging along with my grandmother and Aunt Sue to Friday night auctions at a dusty old barn called Peppermint Pond in the tiny town of Dyersburg, Tenn. While they were being charmed by Victorian sofas, sparking glass, and china place settings, I was peeking over into box lots of junk! That's where the real treasures were hiding - kissing celluloid dolls, old watch faces, broken shiny rhinestone bracelets, and discarded monopoly pieces - along with other interesting scraps of someone's life (like false eyelashes - they must have been very popular back in the day). Back then you could get a box lot for pennies, and not being one to pass up a deal, I ventured home with several to dig through - that was the fun part!

Five decades have passed and I've worn many hats since the Peppermint Pond  –  but I never outgrew my love for "junkin." Twenty two years ago, David and I turned my passion into a business and it's been one of the most rewarding adventures of my life. I'm in love with the stories these old pieces tell, the feel of the time-worn surfaces, the painstaking workmanship and design.

There's More!

Kim is a sought-after expert for guest appearances at events throughout the U.S.. She has appeared at the Country Living Fair, The Nashville Shows, NY NOW, Facebook Business, and more. For more information or to schedule a booking for Kim at your event, workshop, or show contact Kim Leggett at 615-268-0216 or email with your request to:

Kim spent two years studying floral design with well-known celebrity designer Michael George at the prestigious FlowerSchool New York in New York City.