The Piece Everyone's Asking About


It's always exciting for us to see how our clients style their City Farmhouse pieces.... so you can see how we got giddy about reading a blog post that's dedicated to one of our favorite picked pieces ever!!!!

Holly Thompson--a realtor/designer/DIYer based here in Franklin, who has a (fun) habit of flipping her own homes--recently bought a truly amazing vintage mercantile piece from our shop that transformed her kitchen. Read a little bit of her post below to get the idea... then click through to read the rest. Thanks for the love + inspiration, Holly!

Holly Thompson's vintage mercantile piece, purchased at City Farmhouse

Holly Thompson's vintage mercantile piece, purchased at City Farmhouse

The Piece that Everyone is Asking About

[repost from Holly Thompson Homes]

Our kitchen is a big square with an island in the middle.  Three sides have white cabinets that we hunted for cheap, painted, and installed.  That was hard.  The fourth side, though, is what everyone is raving about.  It didn’t involve any actual work except for hauling it home, and it was tons of fun to buy. It’s this: a late-1800’s mercantile store fixture, found in small-town Indiana by none other than Franklin’s City Farmhouse. 

For those of you who haven’t been there, City Farmhouse is a sort of high-end vintage boutique in Franklin.  It’s full of lovely and interesting pieces that are pulled together so perfectly that the only option is to buy the whole store.  But for those of us who can’t afford that, a well-chosen treasure put in just the right place is almost as good.

In this house, we were purposely looking for a non-open-floor-plan.  Scandalous, I know.  We had previously built and then sold a house with an open floor plan (and lived in it two years), and we knew it wasn’t for us.  We missed the cozy spaces of a more traditional layout, and also the ability to get away from the kids.  All of you who have small kids are nodding.  While I do love all the pitter-patter and trash everywhere from them, sometimes a moment in a quiet little nook where no one knows what room I’m in is worth more to me than an spa trip.  Actually it’s worth WAY more than a spa trip.