The Factory at Franklin

'Tis The Season: Joy, Holiday Shopping & Sheryl Crow


It's been a big month, and right when we were starting to relax........ it's Thanksgiving week!!! We're telling you, it never slows down around here. 

As most of you know, we hosted our first City Farmhouse Holiday Pop-up Fair here (see our photo album below) at The Factory November 13-15, 2015 -- and it was better than we ever imagined! Nearly 5,000 flooded downtown Franklin over the weekend to attend the market, and we brought in 35 vendors from across the country – one of them being Sheryl Crow, who donated proceeds from the event to a non-profit close to her heart.

Through their purchases at the City Farmhouse Pop-up, our shoppers – who were represented by states up and down the East Coast, and everywhere in between – helped bring in more than $20,000 for the World Food Program U.S.A., an organization that Crow has supported for years. Twenty thousand dollars!!! That's a lot of money.... our shoppers are literally the best. 

“Our first holiday pop-up market was a huge success, and we are so thankful to Sheryl for jumping in for a good cause. People came to Franklin from all over to see her and shop the show. Many of the vendors have said this is one of their best shows they’ve EVER had.”
— Kim Leggett

This was our first experience hosting our pop-up fairs at The Factory at Franklin. It was SO successful for both guests and vendors that we are planning to have all future City Farmhouse Pop-up Fairs here!!!

There's such a cool energy happening here right now with all the new shops and restaurants, and it’s the perfect space to host an event like this. We’re so excited about this show that we’re already planning the next one in June (stayed tuned for those dates).

And while you're waiting for that announcement........ check out our photo gallery below, to see how Alissa Saylor captured the magic of the three-day event!