October 2015 City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair: Q+A with Matthew Mead

Aaaaaand, he's back! One of our favorite celebrity stylists is returning to the October 2015 City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair, and this time -- he's bring his secret weapon. We caught up with Matthew so y'all could get a peek into his creative genius and what to expect from him at next week's show!

1. How did you earn the nickname the "Lifestyle Guru?"
I've been doing this for like 20 years now, and I think it's the fact that I have so many different ideas -- I can dream up just about anything.

2. You've been a guest at the CFH pop-up fair twice now -- what are you most looking forward to about the October 2015 show?
I love to see all the great vintage items the dealers have with them, plus I've made lots of great friends at the show over the past couple of years. The vendors are all so talented and stylish, and they ALWAYS bring something new and unexpected to the table. So much inspiration.

3. Will you be looking for any pieces in particular at the Fair this year?
Well, I'm coming with a paint sprayer from Wagner so I'm looking for thing I can upcycle. Things like furniture and small pieces that are stylish but that I can also personalize with my own color palette.

4. What three tips would you give people who want to get into upcycling, but don't know where to start?
Upcycling can start at home, so look around your own house and find things that you already have that can be made better with a coat of paint. Also, don't be afraid to experiment with color -- think about the colors you like to wear or the paint on your walls. They're great for furniture too! Finally, consider the fact that upcycling isn't just limited to indoors... it's perfect for pieces outside too, like a park bench or patio table. You can even paint a doormat, a rug, or a lamp base. It's totally unlimited what you can do!

5. What can fair-goers expect to learn from you at the show demonstrations?
I want to get everyone really excited about being creative and the discovery of this incredible tool that can help them with such a variety of things that will just make their lives more beautiful.

6. Why do you prefer Wagner tools over others?
This one is special, no only because it is studio sized but because it also sits on a countertop and is very transformational. Plus, it doesn't leave any brush marks allowing it to turn something from really blah to beautiful in just minutes.

7. What do you like about City Farmhouse style?
I think it's just so engaging -- it's a real lifestyle that has that casual, comfortable, put-your-feet-up look but is super stylish at the same time.

Learn more about Matthew Mead and the demonstrations he'll be doing at the pop-up fair here.