We've Been Keeping A Secret.....


I've been keeping a secret, kinda. Well... I've hinted around about it every now and then. But, since you guys are like friends and family I think I should tell you--unofficially that is. Meaning there will be a big formal announcement coming in 2017 when our publisher says it's ok to blow it out with a big party.

I'm writing a book!! Yay!!!

It's called City Farmhouse Style and we are traveling all across the U.S. to photograph and write about homes located in a city decorated in farmhouse style. All types of homes in fact--from lofts to apartments to homes in a neighborhood--cottages and more.

Each home is different in architecture and each homeowner has their on take on "farmhouse" when designing their space. I think that's one element that makes farmhouse style so popular today. Comfort & conversation trump rules!! Who doesn't love that?

Plus, there's more unique City Farmhouse Style ideas you're going to find in the book and a Sources chapter too!! Great news--you can even use the book as a guide to decorate your own home in farmhouse style without the help of a professional decorator. Awesome tips and ideas whether your live in the city or the country!

You'll probably hear more about this across social media as some of our featured homeowners have been dyeing to spill the beans with their social media friends as well.

Thank you for always being a part of all things City Farmhouse!!

See below for snaps from our photoshoots in Waco, Texas and Nashville!